West Of Great Northern - Sault Ste Marie, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

Other Neighbourhoods

The area west of Great Northern is the older part of Sault Ste Marie, with homes as old as a hundred years, with many dating between the war years and into the 1950s. This area also includes the Industrial park and the Algoma Steel Plant, the area's largest employer.

View of International Bridge from Locks

The area's newer home tend to be north of 2nd Line Rd West, on rural acreages. This area includes the downtown, and the neigbhourhoods of The Grand, Steelton, Fort Creek, Buckley, Bayview, Buckley, Brookfield Korah and McQueen. Home buyers can find many homes here for under $100,000. The area's nicest homes are at the mouth of the St Mary's River south of the Airport at Point des Chenes and Pointe Louise.


This area is well established, and has15 Catholic elementary schools and 14 public ones. High School students are served by Bawating College & Vocational School north of 2nd Line, and Korah C & VC in the west, off Goulais Ave, while Catholic students attend St Mary's College. On Wellington St.


This area includes the downtown central business district with its Station Mall (and cinemas) and Market Square Mal in the west, and borders on the Great Northern Road which has Sault Ste Marie's cluster of big box stores as well as Cambrian Mall and Kmart Plaza. This area is also closest to the International Bridge to various shopping options in the US.


Fishing On St Marys River Boardwalk

This part of Sault Ste Marie is the most varied, and includes some significant historical attractions as well as several important recreational facilities. ON the attractions side, there is the Ermatinger Old Stone House Museum, the Art Gallery of Algoma, the Tent Pavilion in Bondar Park, and the historic Canadian Locks of the Sault Ste Marie Canal. For recreation, there is the St Mary's River-front which includes Bondar Park, the Locks & Whitefish Island, and just south of the airport, Point des Chenes Park. There are a number of larger parks in the community including Fort Creek Conservation Area, and the James Elliott Sports Field. This part of Sault Ste Marie provides golfers the Maplewood and Superior View courses, the Drag Strip, several arenas (including the Memorial Gardens, home to the Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds). This are includes the multi-plex cinema at the Station Mall, downtown.

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