Sault Ste Marie Nearby: Chippewa Falls/Batchwana Bay

Chippewa Falls Chippewa Falls is located about 55 km north of Sault Ste. Marie, as you wind your way around beautiful Batchawana Bay. The falls themselves are visible from highway 17. The place has a picnic/rest area where you can relax and watch the falls.

Batchwana comes from the Ojibway name obatchiwanang which means 'where the flowing water rises to a boil therough the force of its current'.

A commemorative plaque is situated here depicting the half way point of the Transportation-Canada Highway. Numerous hiking trails too.

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Chippewa Falls Attractions

Harmony Beach
32 km north of the Sault on Highway 17
Harmony beach is a beautiful beach, with a campground and a hotel.

Batchwana Bay
Batchwana Bay is 68 km north of Sault Ste Marie.
Boasting 3.2 Km of stunning beaches (though the water might be a little cold, being located on the eastern shore of Lake Superior) makes this an excellent place to stop for a swim. Close-by are picnic areas, hotels, restaurants and gift shops. The park has 325 campsites with over half of them having electricity. Many opportunities for hiking, swimming, boating and fishing. You are able to reserve a campsite from the first Friday in May to the Canadian Thanksgiving.

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