Sault Ste Marie Nearby: Echo Bay

Echo Bay is located about 25 minutes east of Sault Ste. Marie. The main attraction is the Loonie monument, as well as the regular auto races held at Echo Bay Elks Club.

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Echo Bay Attractions

Loon Monument at Echo Bay Loon Dollar Monument
20 km east on Highway 17 east at Echo Bay
The Loon Dollar (the "Loonie") was designed by local resident Robert Ralph Carmichael in 1987. The monument was built to scale with the help of the loonie's designer. There is a wheelchair accessible park and picnic area with flowers.

Echo Bay Elks Club
Follow highway 17E to Echo Bay(from Sault),and turn right just past Dinelles Fresh Mart.
Come watch the excitement at the race track, with up to five different classes.

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