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Author: Christina Taylor

Mothers, especially new mothers, grandmothers, aunts, any doting female of the family love to shop for baby clothes. But because babies are very sensitive, it is very important that the type of material you buy is not harmful to babies. But how do you find high quality clothes for babies?

This can be a problem especially for moms who cannot afford to buy baby clothes. A family spends money not only on baby clothes, there are house or apartment rent, car, utilities, food, clothes, personal products and cleaning products in the home and many more. And sometimes, buying for quality baby clothes can become of low priority or importance.

Buying for baby clothes is not only limited to how cute the clothes are, though most of the time this can be the case. The baby's comfort should be the most important quality to look at and without sacrificing style. And babies grow real fast so they need a different size of clothing every few months. This often discourages parents to spend a lot of money on buying baby garments. But an advantage of this though is that parents can still use these clothes for other babies of the family. Or they can give it to a relative, who just happens to have a new baby. So, it is better to buy clothes that are very durable.

Buying for baby clothes can be very difficult. You need to find clothes that are not dark or dreary, bright and obnoxious, or simply related to garish cartoon characters and obnoxious sports related things. And a lot of baby clothes nowadays, have these cartoon characters type design. Because of mass marketing, most of the clothes are also look alike, which is very discouraging. In looking for baby clothes, sometimes mothers really have to focus on finding higher quality brands and merchandise. Brands like Target, Baby Gap and Carter's are good brands though they can cost quite a bit.

But if you don't want to spend so much but still wants quality clothes, there are a number of stores that parents can visit in looking for quality baby clothes without spending too much money. The Youth Ranch Thrift stores sell a variety of baby items that are of high quality and they don't cost much. You can buy shirts, pants, tiny dresses, shoes and warm coats in a price range of $0.50 to $3.50. What's more is that by buying at this store, parents can also help a charity for kids because the proceeds of this store go to that cause.

There is also a second hand type store called Other Mothers, where you can buy baby clothes and even sell the baby clothes that you already have but you don't need. This store lets you trade your baby's outgrown, good quality clothes for bigger size ones. And you need not pay anything at all if you opt to trade.

You can also search the internet for baby clothes. There's Ebay, where they sell brand name kids and babies' clothing. You can also bid and save money in return. But when you're buying and bidding in Ebay, just remember to acknowledge and figure in shipping and handling charges. There are also online clothing shops like, where you can search and buy for adorable baby and toddler clothes.

It is also important that you also know how and when to shop. You can look through paper advertisements and flyers and see if there are any holiday sales that you should remember. You can get extra saving from sales and you can also get excellent opportunity to get high quality brand name baby clothes during sales.

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