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Author: Vicki Rossington

Fashion conscious parents are no longer satisfied with just any old type of girl's clothing and babies clothing for their daughters, these days designer clothing is a must have for the discerning parent. At younger ages girls are becoming fussy about what types of clothes they wear. This has lead to a huge boom in the designer girl's clothing and babies clothing industries. Little girls want cutting edge designs, one off originals, vivid colors, retro, vintage, ruffled, whimsical and beautiful, it is now possible for the fussiest of little girls to find clothing they will love.

Girl's clothing designers are cashing in on the trend, designing more and more for little girls tastes in clothing, moving away from what they believe parents will like. Designer girl's clothing and babies clothing is not just something that only the wealthy can afford, in today's girl's fashion markets designer ranges can start as low as $30.00 for skirts and shorts and $40.00 for girl's dresses, making it possible for all parents to attain affordable designer girl's clothing and babies clothing.

Parents are preferring to pay that little bit extra for their daughter's clothing, the quality of the fabrics and workmanship of the garments are worth it, designer quality means the clothing lasts much longer compared to mass produced ranges. Designer girl's clothes are made with extreme care, there are rarely any flaws or faults, the finishing touches are often hand crafted, the detailing is superior and the finished product is more desirable than cheaper girl's clothing brands.

To gauge the quality of a designer piece of girl's clothing or babies clothing a comparison test against cheaper, mass produced brands is the most effective way. Place the designer piece of girl's clothes next a cheap brand, the shape of the clothing is first thing you will notice. The designer girl's garment is shaped to perfection, you will notice that the cheaper brand is often not shaped quite right. Compare the finishing touches to the clothing, you will notice almost immediately that the designer label has superior finishes, you will often notice flaws in cheaper brands, loose threads and uneven hemlines almost immediately.

A discerning parent will be aware of imitation designer girl's clothing and baby clothing, what we call 'knock offs', cheaper clothing brands often copy designer girl's clothing brands, this is also a huge issue in the baby clothing industry as well. One only needs to apply the above comparison test to imitation girl's designer clothing and the same results will be noticeable almost immediately. After washing the cheaper garments, often you will notice that the piece of clothing becomes misshapen, shrinks or comes apart at the seams, the inferior workmanship is duly noted in these instances.

The best way to ensure that you are purchasing a quality piece of designer girl's clothing or babies clothing is to shop at reputable boutiques which carry authentic girl's designer clothing labels. Contact manufacturers to request a list of girl's clothing and babies clothing boutiques, manufacturers will also give you a list of online stores which carry their labels, this will ensure that your purchases are authentic.

Online stores are great places to shop for your designer girl's clothing and babies clothing, as garments are often a little cheaper than in bricks and mortar boutiques. Online stores have less overheads and running costs, this enables the online boutique owner to pass on some of these savings to their customers. So remember, when you purchase designer girl's clothing and babies clothing you are paying a little more, but in the long run it is better value for money than cheaper brands as the clothing will last a lot longer.

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