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Sault Ste Marie Rocks!! While it's a cozy smaller city, during the summer it is a magnet for all the tourists looking for "action". The rest of the year, the students at the town's colleges & universities keep the various establishments hopping. If you are looking for night-time fun, you will definitely find it in Sault Ste Marie. The city has a wide assortment of nightclubs, bars, and lounges for you to drink and dance the night away.

Sault Ste Marie has more than 50 bars, lounges, and pubs. For the party animal in you, always ask around, to see if there is anything just-opened. The locals know where the fun is!!

Many of the hotels around the city also have nightclubs that make your stay much more exciting. As well, the city has a vast array of smaller lounges and quaint pubs that are great for having a few drinks before retiring for the night. Night time in Sault Ste Marie is the best time. Discover it for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Princess Bar

Two Countires, Two Provinces, Two Liquor Laws

What does make the Sault unusual for its nightlife is its location straddling the Canada-US border. This means that younger (under 21 years old) Americans head north to take advantage of the Ontario drinking age of 19. There are some very nicely done up drinking establishments (not to mention a few casinos) south of the border, which atract the "older" (ie., over 21) crowd from Canada. Many also head down to avoid the crowds from all those young Americans crowing the Canadian bars.

NOTE: There's also a shuttle bus that takes passengers over the international Bridge for $1 (Canadian or American). It makes multiple stops on both sides, and is a good way to not drink and drive, and it's cheaper than the bridge toll. The bridge bus stops at 10 p.m. and on Saturdays it stops at 5 p.m. (while it doesn't take people to the bars, you can get on/off nearby several of them).

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