Sault Ste Marie Vehicle Exhaust Systems & Mufflers - Replacing Your Muffler

Replacing a muffler is not a difficult job, if you have all the proper equipment. It doesn't take a garage full of tools to complete the job successfully, you can do the job with some fairly regular tools. Be sure to use safety glasses, since there are a lot of particles (typically, mud & rust) that fall off an exhaust system and can get into your eyes.

Remember to inspect the system completely. The exhaust system has two important jobs to perform: removing dangerous engine gases & reducing engine noise. While you may not mind the noise, you need to be sure there are no gas leaks.

Here are the steps:

  1. Raise car and use jack stands to support car. Be sure car is secure and will not roll.
  2. Soak muffler clamp nuts, clamp fittings and joints with penetration oil. Then remove the muffler clamps (if welded, cut both ends of muffler with a hacksaw).
  3. If muffler is not welded, use a chisel to cut muffler off of pipes. Do this by cutting the muffler inlet and outlet tubes on both sides. Once the inlet and outlet tubes are free, remove the muffler.
  4. Inspect pipe ends to be sure they are reusable. Slight sanding might be necessary. Coat new muffler end pipes with sealing compound to insure a tight seal.
  5. Insert muffler onto one pipe and then the other. Some twisting and prying is sometimes necessary. (Most mufflers have an inlet and outlet end. Be sure inlet end of muffler is pointing toward front of car.)
  6. Position muffler clamps over muffler end connectors. Adjust pipes so that they clear all parts of car, then tighten clamps. (It is always best to use new clamps.) Use pipe connectors if changes in length are needed. Be sure to check for worn hangers. A muffler left banging around will not last long.
  7. Shake reassembled exhaust system to check fit and clearance of parts. Start the engine and check for leaks. Apply sealer to joints if necessary.

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