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Central Bus Station for Sault Ste marie Transit The Sault Ste. Marie transit operates from two areas. The first facility is located at 111 Huron Street and the other is the downtown bus terminal is located at 160 Queen Street East. The Transit has a fleet of 28 regular Transit vehicles, 7 Para Transit buses, and 1 Community Bus. They follow 8 regular routes, 19 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bus fare & wheelchair accessible Para Transit is $2.50 for all riders (exception: children 12 years and under, travelling withan adult). A Monthly pass is $60.00 Adult and $50 Seniors, $25.00 Youth (12-18years)and $46.00 CLA. You can also get a Multi Ride pass, with 20 rides for $40.00.
(Effective February 1, 2014)

You must pay bus fares with exact change, since the drivers do not carry change. Sault College & Algoma University Students Only can buy a semester pass for $160.

You must pay bus fares with exact change, since the drivers do not carry change. To qualify for child fares, you must be under 5 feet tall. Students can buy a discounted monthly pass for $59. To qualify for senior's fares you must buy a seniors pass for $20 (with proof of age).

You will need a "transfer" if you need to use more than one bus to complete your trip, and are using cash or tickets as fare payment. Be sure to request the correct transfer as you board the bus.
Customer Service & Information
To receive more information on fares, charter services and schedules, contact Sault Ste. Marie Transit by one of the following:
Phone: (705)759-5438 and Fax: (705)759-4534 Email

Access for Persons with Limited Mobility
The Para Bus is a specialized Transit service, for people with physical disabilities. To use this service you must register 24 hours in advance. The passengers are made up of those confined to wheelchairs and ones ambulatory. The fare is $2.00 (one-way) per person for wheelchair riders, dialysis patients and their attendants. You can get a 40 ride punch pass for $60. The same fare applies to all ambulatory passengers (formery it was $7.00 per trip), for those who qualify, and their attendants, who must must also pay a fare of $2.00 The Para-bus Ooperator can be reached at (705) 942-1404.

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