Sault Ste Marie Nearby: Little Current

This town is the northern-eastern road entrance to Manitoulin Island, and is 63 km south of Espanola. It is separated from the North Shore by La Cloche Island and Birch Island. The swing bridge originally built in 1913 as a railway bridge, and provides the only road access to the Island. In the summer, the bridge swings open (on the hour) to allow boat traffic to pass. This town was a Hudson's Bay outpost in 1856, though it closed down after the Indians complained. The town then became a port for coal shipments. It is also home of Northern Ontario's oldest continually publishing newspaper, the Manitoulin Expositor, which was established in 1879.

The town dock meets the town's main street and has berths for 150 boats. There is a swimming beach at Low Island Park. The road west leads to the western end of the Island. The road south leads to South Baymouth and a toll ferry to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula.

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Manitowaning Attractions

Swing Bridge
on Highway 6
This bridge was built in 1913 originally as a rail bridge at the narrowest point of the North Channel. It had to manually opened by eight men, taking 20 minutes. It is now opened for boats (on the hour) using a gasoline engine. Over 3000 boats a year pass under the bridge.

Low Island Park
Water Street
Though technically no longer an island, this beach and recreational area close to "downtown" provides fields and facilities for many sports. Just offshore is Picnic Island, accessible only by boat. The island, once covered by trees was home to 200 people and had two sawmills.

Farmer's Market
Main Street, beside Bank of Montreal
The market is open Saturdays 8:30 am to noon from may to October.

Cup and Saucer Trail
on Highway 540, 19 km west
A walking trail takes you to the highest lookout on the Island. You climb to an elevation of 351 metres (1,150 feet), providing great views - especially to the south.

Little Current-Howland Museum
Highway 6 south, at village of Sheguiandah
This museum is set in a wooded park and has several log houses, and agricultural building and a large main building. The museum houses artifacts from the 1860s, pioneer settlers, as well as old Native crafts and handiwork. The park also has one of Canada's oldest archaeological sites, a prehistoric quarry. Open daily June to mid-September.

McLeans Mountain
Off highway 540, 4 km west of Little Current
This mountain rises to 328m above sea level, and provides great view to the north, east and west overlooking the North Channel.

Ten Mile Point
16 km south of Little Current
This point offer a panorama across Georgian Bay, the Bay of Islands and Killarney. On a good day you can see or photograph over a thousand square miles of beautiful blue water. This site also commemorate an early Jesuit mission at Wikwemikong.

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