Sault Ste Marie Nearby: Mindemoya

This town began playing the role of commercial centre for the western island over 100 years ago. In the late 1800s the town became home to one of the Island's few creameries, which is known today as Farquhar's Dairy. The namesake Lake Mindemoya is the Island's third biggest lake provides many recreational opportunities. There is a cave overlooking the lake's western shore that was discovered in 1888, when three missionaries discovered a number of skeletons, believed to be Huron or Odawa people massacred centuries ago, likely by the Iroquois (the cave lies on private property).

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Mindemoya Attractions

St. Francis of Assisi Anglican Church
This church was built in 1933 in the ancient Norman style, and contains artifacts from other ancient churches. There is a 1474 plaque from St Georges's Chapel in Windsor Castle, stones from Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral in London, and a bell presented by the British Admiralty.

Pioneer Park
Highway 551, just before the town
This park has a covered pedestrian bridge that leads to reconstructed pioneer log home and barn. The paths behind are surrounded by wildflowers.

Agricultural Museum
Highway 542
This museum, run by Jack Seabrook, is northern Ontario's largest private collection of early farm equipment. The same farm also sells hand-sewn fashions.

Farmers Market
Mindemoya Arena
Every Saturday morning over the summer, you can shop for agricultural produce, crafts and more.

Treasure Island
This island, in the middle of the lake has a rock outcrop that looks like a kneeling woman, the inspiration for its Indian name. The island can be best seen highway 551 that runs along the eastern shore of the lake towards West Bay.

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