Sault Ste Marie Nearby: Wawa

Transportation-Canada Highway near Wawa Wawa is on the northeast corner of Lake Superior, where the lake begins its southward drop to Sault Ste. Marie. Today the town lies at an important junction of highway 17 south and highway 101 east into the major mining cities of Ontario's North.

The town's name is derived from an Ojibway word meaning "wild goose", was gained from the thousands of geese that rest on Wawa Lake during the spring and fall migration. As you enter the town, watch for the giant statue of a Canada Goose poised for flight. Before 1700, Wawa was a fur trading post, since it has been the site of three gold rushes and now primarily relies on iron mining and tourism. One of the other attractions is Scenic High Falls.

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Regional Tourist Information
Hwys 17 and 101;
See the Canada Goose statute, a favourite stop along the Transportation-Canada Highway.

Mitchipicoten Village Road
8 km south of Wawa, at end of 13 km Road
At the end of the road, is Michipicoten Harbout, where giant freighters are loaded by Algoma Central rail cars. You'lll also see an old cemetery with the 1833 grave Louisa Mackenzie Bethune, a cousin of the famouse explorer Alexander Mackenzie. Also see Silver Falls on a very short trail from the Road.

Scenic Magpie Falls
Magpie High Falls Road, 1.6 km (1 mile) south on Hwy 17;
The Magpie River plunges 75 ft over a rocky gorge and reaches 200 ft in width. There's a good trail with wooden steps to view the falls from a variety of angles, including some close to the waterfall itself.

Lake Superior Provincial Park
Highway 17 south of town
Rushing rivers drop from interior highlands to Lake Superior, creating dramatic rapids and waterfalls, including the magnificent Agawa Canyon in the south of the park. The park has eight canoe routes and 11 hiking trails, as well as 274 campsites in three spacious campgrounds.

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